Kiss Me Quick Hat

As the tide washes up

On the pebble beach

The sun starts to fade

Feet sink into pockets of sand

Squeals come from the sea

One foot on the pier

We tentatively step

With music blasting

And ‘kiss me quick’ hats

The soft ice creams

And the slot machines

You kiss me,

Wind blows in my face

Seagulls screech overhead

People bustle and bump

With hot dogs and pancakes

Laughing and joking

Kids running around

As I trip on the planks

I look down through the gaps

Will I fall, will they break

Will I get sucked out to sea?

Not today you hold my hand

The smells of sweet sugar

Chocolate and sea

Fill me with images of my childhood

Henna tattoos and stalls filled with tat

Yet all of them bustling

Things to take home

To put in a box

For the memory game

Much later in life.

The fairground rides

Perched on the end

And the haunted house

Makes me smile

I look at you

You look out to sea

At the boats bobbing along

At the men with fishing rods

At the kids jumping in

Where they should know better

Then you glance at me

And smile

No words exchanged

What thoughts in your mind

Are they a jumble like mine?

As we step off the pier

Join the throng of the crowd

The seaside experience

Left behind

With the ‘kiss me quick’ hat

And a smile and a laugh

And memories built

Which were made to last.


I smiled today as I sat in a queue of traffic going to work. A small child was not budging an inch. He was determined that he wasn’t moving until he got what he wanted. I thought how easily we often give in, for peace or for ease. Then I realised, we negotiate, however he hadn’t worked that out yet.

He stood,

Feet firmly planted on the ground

no movement

glued to the pavement

arms folded,

tightly across his chest.

mouth down

frown upon his face


eyes closed

his mother called

eyes opened

his mother shouted

foot stamped hard

his mother turned away.

moved slowly

He waited,

he watched

as the gap grew

his arms fell

his face changed

he ran with all his might


small hand

slipped into big hand

happy again.


Todays Napowrimo Prompt was to take a page in a book, block out some words and make a poem.

I have chosen ‘The last days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin, i am reading this right now.

I have written 2 very short poems.


Barely conscious

Heart beating


I’ve seen worse

Rabbit moaned

Hand to her cheek


Take care

Don’t worry

It’s safe


He pointed politely

Rabbit followed down hallway



Eyes pleaded

Not going to cry Rabbit

Be strong for you



Today’s Napowrimo poem is about money. So here is my money


There was sixpence in my hand

A shiny round sixpence

It was all mine, for me to spend

If I put it with the other sixpences

I was rich, i could buy things

Just for me, little me.

The silver sparkled, it look huge

I was a child, when my Nan placed it there

What could I buy, sweets, a toy

Something exciting I was rich


Now i look at sixpence

What is it worth now?

Two and half pence

What will that buy?

Two and half pence,

That’s not so pretty

Not so shiny

Not so small

I will remember my sixpence more

It was worth more then

To me

It was worth all its weight

Its memory

I was as rich as rich could be.