Summer weather

Storm clouds gather, darkening the sky

Water streams from them with hail

Thunder rolls and crashes around me

The sky is light with sheets of lightening.

Wind blows them away quickly

The sky becomes a brilliant blue

The leaves on the trees so fresh and green

Sun’s rays, quickly warms the air

Summers weather unpredictable

Soaking up the sun, heat on our skin

Smiles on our faces, happiness in our hearts



Time measured by clocks

Liquid measured in a jug

Heat measured by thermometer

Weight measure by scales

Distance measured in miles

Sound measured in decibels

Wood measured with a tape

Happiness measured in laughter

Sadness measured in tears

Heart measured in love

Love measured in kisses

Measurements important in time

Love important to live

A Promise

Standing barefoot, her feet cold on the smooth rock,

Her hair flying in the blustery warm wind

Red skirt a fluttering around her bare knees

Sun warm on her head


Gazing down, the deep dark pool swirling around

She could see the crabs, playing on the bottom

Where was he? They were going to go crabbing

She felt so alone


Hearing a noise was that his voice in the wind

She looked up and there he was in the distance

He lifted her down off the rock, kissing her

He kept his promise

Autumnal August

Fierce hot sun is now a warm glow

Brilliant blue skies turns into baby blue

Harsh hard light, is now soft to the face

Warm summer air, now has a nip to its touch


Cobnuts are heavy, pulling branches down

Hundreds of Blackberries all pumped up and lush

A glut of Rose hips adorn the bushes

There is a feast ahead for us all.


Summer feels as its coming to an end

August great heat has disappeared

Autumn has come early, or at least that’s how it feels

The seasons are moving, away from the norm



The Chilli Shop, enter please

The shutters rise for the first opening day

Anticipation fills the air, breath is held for a moment

The unavailing of a new shop, a new age has dawned

Hope swells, as a dream is about to be launched.


Sharp crisp white canvasses of walls

Bold words and scorpions embossed

Shelves filled with heated delights

Small samples to taste and relish


Mild heat sits on my tongue,

Then a fierce chilli beckons me closer

The challenge is on, can I take the heat?

It’s hard to resist, I like the glow in my mouth


Come try these delights, let them tickle your tongue

Build up the heat, share rays of excitment

Enjoy every moment, there are chillies awash

What a brilliant choice, for a new enterprise






Soaking up the sun

fierce heat beats down on the basking Lizard

he lies still soaking up each ray

Sleeping, warming his body for the day

Tongue flickering in and out tasting the air

Always alert, aware of whats happening

quickly darting in a wiggling movement

into the shaded cracks in the wall

until its safe to come out again,

stretching its brown scaly body

to have forty winks and soak up the sun.

Gentle Start

Coffee in hand, steam gently rising

Sat on my favourite chair in the garden

The heat of the sun shines strongly on my face

I close my eyes, its bright yellow


There is peace in the air, not a sound to be heard

not a bird, or a bee has woken this early

A cool soft  breeze brushes against my legs

Silent, gentle start to a working day.