Still life

Day 12 of Napowrimo and the prompt was to use the index or contents of a book. So I chose Still Life by Richard Cobb, his sketches from a Tunbridge Wells Childhood.

As I approach in 1

I wonder about the locations in 22.

I can see the Sussex view in 28

Little Mount Sion in 34

I remember Grove Hill 37,

Where My Mother’s House lay 48.

Down the road were two people

i pluck from my memory.

The Black widow 56 and

Dr Rankling at 67.

At the bottom of the hill

still there today the church

King Charles the Martyr 71.

and the outside world 79,

from the Linbury-Buses 84

I looked through the doors and windows 93

The war memorial 106 was on my left

and i imagined my childhood journey,

in my pocket a secret map 124,

which chartered my holiday

a trip to the rocks, a ride on my bike

and ending with tea at Mr Evan’s 147

after all its still life.



Tritina for a holiday

Morning sun rises in the sky

Vapour trails linger uniquely

Picture perfect, in a magazine


Flicking pages of a magazine

Each holiday unfolds uniquely

Midday sun is high in the sky


Silver lined dark clouds appear uniquely

Closing the pages of the magazine

Above me the sun leaves the sky


And darkness floats down uniquely

Needed break


So tired living on little sleep

Always rushing from pillar to post

Phone rings, twitter tweets

Television shouts watch me

Then a chance to stop

Completely stop

Change of scene

Breath fresh air

Re set my time clock

Sleep like a log

Re charge my batteries

Feeling refreshed

Releasing new energy

Sparking my imagination

Relaxing, enjoying the flow

Being more than chilled

Completely lightened, loosened up

Unwound, ready for a new adventure

Completely lightened, loosened up

Unwound, ready for a new adventure


It’s finally here

I waited a year

my case is packed

I’ve checked it twice

I’m panicking wildly

have I forgotten anything

I’ve my toothpaste and bikini

what more do I need

The sun will shine brightly

the sky will be blue

Drink lots of wine

Sleep all night

Enjoy the scenery

and relax for a week

where am I going

you ask and I say

I’m off on my holybobs

Hip hip horrah

Blue Sky Day

Sky blue, bright blue, Blue sky day

The green trees catching the sun

The White clouds slowly drifting by

This morning at 7 it was a blue sky day


I basked in the sun, from first thing til it set

The sky remained blue, I felt blessed

It could be a holiday, I could be far away

Yet in my own garden, its like my holiday


Everyone is smiling,  happiness fills the air,

A gentle happy day, warmth was all around

A holiday, a day off , a working one

May everyone be a blue sky day.





Two knees

Two knees looked up to the sky
It’s hot out here left said to right
I know said right I’m rather hot
I’m burning said left with a moan

Two knees looked up to the sky
There’s a bit of a breeze right said
I know said left I wish it would cool me
Me too, said right, it’s all too much.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I’ve had enough left said to right
Do you think we have to stay much longer?
I hope not said right, who knows what he thinks.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I want to get up and move right said
It’s going to be sore left said to right
When will he realize it’s time to go

The knees started to move,
No more looking up to the sky
Hoorah, left said to right I’m pleased
You know we have to do this tomorrow.

The knees were moving forward
What do you mean tomorrow said right
Well we are on this thing called holiday
The man lies down and looks up to the sky

You mean we have to look at the sky again
Right said to left with a quiver
Yes said left, we certainly do
It’s not a holiday its torture in the sun