Gift of wings

We have a short moment in time

A snapshot of measurement

Moments, day’s months and years

To make the most of


Each day lived in, Filled with doing

Sometimes silence and peace

Pondering time, soaking up dreams

Making plans for the future


Regrets left behind, Memories are made

Living for the now not the past

Laughing enjoying each day

Future is inevitable not planned


You filled my life with adventures

Showered me with kindness

Offered me love, shared yourself

You lifted my grief, showed me life


I live in the moment,

I soar with contentment

I fly free with

This gift of wings

Right TIme

After yesterdays news came today’s realisation, that its time for a real change. A chance to live more, not worry about the past or try and see into the future but to take the bull by the horns and make the moment the right time to change.


No more waiting for the right time

no more waiting for your call

no more living in the shadows

Time has opened the door

This is the right time

for me to do the right things

to do what I want

for me to be me

and if you choose

you can dance with me

sing my song

live in my life

for its my right time.

Stand off

Glued to the ground

Eyes fixed staring

Glances exchanged

Whites of the eyes

Heckles up

Heart beating fast

Frozen to the spot

Stalemate has occurred

Flight or fight

Stillness around

No noise at all

Suddenly changes

Deer takes flight

Leaps forward

Stampeding past me

I lunge for the dog

We both lay panting

Both amazed

The deer has gone

We are still intact

Relieved and amazed

Dogs Life

many dogs with stick

It’s time for a walk

My dog and me

Boots on

Wagging tail

Shooting out of the door

As fast as a bullet


Barks of delight

At the grass and the wind

Playmates arrive

Sticks in mouths

Friend growling

Running in circles


All three join in

Running round together

One stick in three mouths

Almost joined at the hip

No one dare bark

For fear of losing the stick


Game now over

Happy and slow

Home for breakfast

Exhaustion sets in

Flops on his bed

It’s a dogs life.

Dear Poem

Dear Poem

I am wondering what you are

Are you a ballad, will you repeat your refrain

Maybe you are written in unrhymed, lambic pentameter

A poem of blank verse

Could you tell me how your foot is today?

No I don’t mean the one with shoes

The foot with two or more syllables.

I don’t think your epic at all

And Rhyme is waiting to fall

I think what I like,

Is the classical type

Oh poem you seem to be lost

I think that we see

You’re lovely as can be

So thank you for being you

Best regards Me.



Another year

Bluetits arrive

Cautiously looking

Dewy dawn

Elongated shadows

Flying around

Gingerly stopping

Home needed

Interested now

Just wait

Keyhole spied

Lodge ahead

Makes one’s home

Nesting here

Obviously wary

Putting down roots

Questioning dangers

Resting quietly

Snuggling in

Trusting nature

Unheated house

Vent is a hole

Where are the babies

Yes inside

Zoetic new life.


So todays Napwrimo challenge was famous calligrams written by Guillaume Apollinaire. And a word to the wise — the best way to cope with today’s exercise may well be to abandon your keyboard, and sit down with paper and pen.

.So here is a photo of mine, and the typed version after.




Curled inside your shell, morning sun awakens you.

Slowly creeping out, feeling the air.

Stretching out fully, house on your back.

Oozing up the front door, leaving a slimy trail behind you.

Stopping at the letter box. ‘Oh little snail, this is my house,

you have yours on your back, where ever you go,

thank you for stopping by, it was lovely to see you.’

and the little snail, turned around and slithered back down again.