Able bodied seaman

Day seventeen of Napowrimo.  Quite a silly poem today, of a nautical theme.


The galleon set sail
It left the land behind
The mainsail catching
The apparent wind
Across the ocean wide
The blinded Able bodied seaman
Was sent to keep and eye
For storms, Pirates and land
And from the east a ship appeared
As a dot in the horizon
It headed towards them
At great speed
The captain saw the ships gaining
Shaking in his boots
The ship levelled, pirates jumped
Commotion was all about
Abandon ship the captain shouted
As the Pirates put out the gang plank
And one by one the sailors jumped
Into shark infested waters
The moral of this little tale
Is one plain and simple
Make sure your able bodied seaman
Is able in his eyes
So he can see the Pirates ships
And save the sailors lives.



a thought drifting off

time passes by

a memory distant

a sound recognized


I fight to remember

the memory fades

time is absent

the sound disappears


a flower reminds me

the colours are vibrant

there’s hope for the future

a new path on the horizon

Honey Moon

Golden light shines from the sky

Honey Moon lights up the night

Just once ever hundred years does it shine

As a sign of whats to come

Maybe it sends shivers down your spine

or perhaps a fruitful summer

It sits low in the sky just above the horizon

The bees are in abundance

their hives steeped in honey

and for the summer solstice

the mead is drunk at many a wedding

And the honeymoon shines again


Road to a new beginning

At my feet stretches a road

It is the road to a new beginning

I have been here before

This time it is different


There are no potholes for me to fall down

There are no tiny roads leading from it

The road ahead doesn’t twist and turn violently

It is more of a gentle meander


It feels calm and serene as I walk slowly along it

The sun has come out, it is warmth embraces me

The flowers each side are bright and light up my day

This road feels comfortable and safe


I am in charge of my own destiny

This new beginning is no longer scary

I feel at ease as I make take small steps

This time I can almost see the horizon


This road to a new beginning

Is exciting and scary at the same time

I know its going to be the best adventure ever

With luck it will be shared with another