Time to live

The last few weeks have been a real challenge.  Its been hard to keep positive, keep the smile glued to my face, write nice happy postivie blogs and not dwell on the worries that have almost consumed me. Today I got the 2 words I needed to hear more than I LOVE YOU. they are the words that mean a million dollars to me, that will make me live my life. These 2 little words are ALL CLEAR. I am thankful and breath a sigh of relief.

Time ticked slowly

hours blurred together

days an eternity

sun was dull

sky milky blue

colours drained.

Time crawled along

outward smile fading

inside pain of worry

thoughts glued together

seperation impossible

my life drained.

Time stopped

just for a moment

news delivered

I held my breath

All Clear

lifted my mood

smile restored

colours are bright

Time to live.

Mothers love, kindness, curiosity, pride or madness

An adventure, a journey and epic tale

One that required strength and miles

A car, motorway, miles stretching ahead

Why? Mothers love of course, nothing less


For four hours, the car kept a steady speed

Hundreds of miles passed under the wheels

Light was fading as day turned to night

Why? Mothers kindness of course, nothing less


Darkened room filled with loud noises

There on the stage, a band waiting to play

The music erupted, deafening sounds,

Why? Mothers curiosity of course, nothing less


Fast energetic movements, in time to the sounds

Electric vibes from the watchers filled the room

Vibrant, enthusiastic, excited crowd.

Why? Mothers pride of course, nothing less


Dark night, miles of road stretched ahead

Two sleepy band members, reliving the gig

Four hours home, the car did its job

Why? Mothers madness of course, nothing else