Sunny side up




My heart sings as the sun shines

Birds join me as they hear my joy

My smile stretches from ear to ear

The brightness motivates me

My eyes dance in the sunlight

Happiness is all around me

So quietly I focus on all that is here

Each wonder is magnificent

Beautiful and shining

Each day my eggs

Are the sunny side up.



The wrong word typed

The wrong thing said

The wrong button touched

I got it wrong by mistake

No matter how much

How many times

An apology is given

There is this sinking feeling

Lead in my boots

Heart lost its beat

Sadness arrising

The joy disappeared

The happiness gone

The smile lost

All for a misunderstanding.

A love dying

Grey is the sky

hard is the day

my thoughts lie with you

in this mixed moment

you should be smiling

your wedding day

yet this is the last act

no more cherished moments

no long life together

but the memories built

they stay in the heart

a moment of joy

a lingering kiss

a love may lie dying

so may today

carry you through.






Hidden in a Cloak

Face is set with a smiling beam

Bounce in my feet as I enter the room

Joy in my voice as I converse with others

this is the me that others can see


The invisible cloak is worn today

I pull it tight, no gaps appear

It is my comfort blanket

I feel safe and warm


Why and what are you hiding

Hurt, for I cant say where the pain is

Sadness, for I cant show my tears

Disappointed, but I cant explain why


So hidden in the cloak

Are the bits that I cant share with the world

just for a while, I keep it tight around me

Self preservation, until I am stronger



I’m in love

I’m in love with the sun that kisses me with freckles

I’m in love with the rain that showers me with freshness

I’m in love with the dark, that brings me solace and rest

I’m in love with light that brings me happiness and laughter

I’m in love with music which fills my heart with joy

I’m in love with words, I want to shout from the roof tops

I’m in love with the warmth that surrounds me from my loved ones

I’m in love with time, every second,  every minute, every hour

I’m in love with every season, each one is new and good

I’m in love with my life, every single tiny moment

And if this feeling lasts forever I will love them all the more