Right TIme

After yesterdays news came today’s realisation, that its time for a real change. A chance to live more, not worry about the past or try and see into the future but to take the bull by the horns and make the moment the right time to change.


No more waiting for the right time

no more waiting for your call

no more living in the shadows

Time has opened the door

This is the right time

for me to do the right things

to do what I want

for me to be me

and if you choose

you can dance with me

sing my song

live in my life

for its my right time.

Change for a reason

We change the things we want to change
We live the way we want to live
Then the thing we least expects happens
Someone comes along and rocks the boat

They want to change our work
Not just a subtle one
The place is miles away
This is not in our plan

We think and ponder and wonder why
What did we do to make this change?
It wasn’t anything we did
We just happen to fit the hat

So do we change and comply?
Do we choose change ourselves?
Do we let others choose for us?
This is a hard choice

Me , I choose change, I embrace change
For change will take me to where I want to go
So thank you for changing my life
In a short time I will be exactly where I want to be

Self preservation

I’ve wrapped myself up , no one knows

I’m inside a bubble, looking out

Its cosy , it surrounds and engulfs me

I’m protected from all of the outsideness

You can look in but you can’t see my whole

I let you see some of me, the strong bits

The happy parts, the confident me

The rest lies inside this bubble

Will I let you in? it’s possible

Will I come back out? eventually

The bubble shields me, I’m safe

It’s called self preservation.