Chimney of secrets

The red bricks are place on the foundation of the fireplace
The build ever upwards around the smoke chamber
As it grows every higher it narrows reaching towards the sky
The beauty in the design as it takes shape on the roof top

Hexagonal, delicately placed to reach the sky
Your twin pillared stack is joined at the crown with a pot
You twist and turn in a star design as you reach the top
Your octagonal body reaches ever upwards

You lift the swirling smoke gently leading the way
What secrets do you hold as they float upwards?
The burnt letter from a lover, a photo from the past
A secret spoken you encase and in your warmness

The embers smolder in your hearth, lie unspoken
You are silent you do not reveal the words that float upwards
As you cool down, the evening has come to an end
Tomorrow there will be new things to hide

I’ve heard it all before

When we fall for another person, what we see is skin deep, as we get to know them we realise that people are complex.

People tell lies, little white ones to protect themselves and others. then they tell the whacking corkers that sting and hurt.

I often wonder do they always realise they are telling lies or have they got so used to telling them that they become the lie?

I wrote this some time ago,  I still don’t have an answer to the question.


                                             I’ve heard it all before.


The lie that you told me was it the first or the last

Did you realise it would hurt and cause me terrible pain?

Did you know you that it flowed out of your mouth with such ease?

Were you wrapped up in it so completely it felt like the truth?


You’ve tangled yourself up in a web of deceit

A white lie, a grey one and now it’s turned black

I think you believe you’re genuine with your words

I am amazed your actually two different people


The one man that lies hurts beyond belief

It ties my stomach in knots its makes me feel sick

The anxiety panics me you betray so much

I wish you would stop causing me so much pain


The second man is truthful and good

His words lift me and light up my life

They make me feel happy, a warm glow wraps around me

You make me feel special and wanted


I have two choices to so what shall I choose?

I can stay with a liar and lead a life of pain

I could choose to cut you dead and leave you out of my life

The second would cause me such sadness


The part of you that is truthful is loving and kind

He treats me with the most amazing respect

Please put the liar back in the box and turn over a new leaf

Make the truthful one strong, be mine.