Happiness will bring you good luck
I know this as I smile
I am happy inside and out
I crack a double yolk
I buy a lottery ticket
I tell my friends I am happy
I remind myself again
Friendships are made, not discovered
I have friends
Which makes me happy
Therefore I am very lucky.
May your good fortunes find you
Be happy and be lucky in life


Mellow yellow mellow

All things being equal

My world is a yellow place

Sunshine and daffodils

Smiles and laughter

Lucky in life and love

Warm glows around me

Chilled is all that I need

Mellow the night

Yellow the day

Spreading happiness

As far as I can

A new lucky day for me

Lucky in Life


Images of lucky times

Bolder and brighter than every

Sounds are richer

Feelings stronger

Memories spread

Consuming my body

From the top of my head

To the tip of my toes

I feel so lucky

In every fibre of my body

The energy bubbles

Overflows so positively

To every corner of my life

To all that I  touch

I share with the world