Two chips honest

It was an ordinary day

I was being good

Scrambled egg for breakfast

and a salad for my lunch

A fatal thing happened

He went and ruined it all

He wafted chips under my nose

funny how you can go off people

did he share you asked

he was trying to force me

did I resist wildly

absolutely I did

did they taste amazing

they might well have done

I only had a little taste

Two chips honest

just a little sin


It iwas an average sort of day

Unremarkable and unexceptional

Adequate in small talk

And tolerable weather

For a British summer

Nothings on a downer

As the lunch time comes my way

Weathers more acceptable

The sun has shown his face

It’s fair to moderate

One might say hunky-dory

And by the end of the day

Everything is plain sailing

Quite a decent day

In fact

It was all quite