The House Opposite

The House Opposite

The House Opposite – Rye


I am opposite ‘The House Opposite’

Opposite to what? I thought.

Its dark oak panelled doors

Each one exquisitely carved

The old dark handle

And the bright new lock

Set in dark oak frames

Beaten, knocked, gouged.

What stories could you tell me?

With your lamp above the door

Who used to enter you?

And what is it your opposite to?

Are you different from across the cobbled road?

Is it modern where you are old?

So I cross the cobbles

And look to see what the house could see

And Opposite was another house

Almost identical

With the name

‘The House Opposite to Me’.

Five random lines for a poem

Today I used the shuffle on my phone to find 5 titles of songs to make a poem. This isnt something I would normally do. Either the poems or use the shuffle on my phone. This is todays ditty




On a night like this

There is a little bit of me

In fact absolutely me

I am in all your dreams

Far away