Cup of tea, not a cup of tea

So today’s poem is two.  Napowrimo suggested writing a palinode. It’s a poem in which the poet retracts a statement made in an earlier poem.


Cup of tea


I’d like a cup of tea

Just the right colour

Yes I want milk

No to the sugar

I’d like the Spode mug

Because it’s thin

I like my tea in bone china

The way it should be


Not a cup of tea


It wasn’t that tea I wanted

I really don’t like tea

It’s not that I’m being fussy

I don’t like the taste

I haven’t changed my mind

And what I’d like is tea

Not builder’s tea,

Or a branded tea

But a nice spicy Chai

In my Spode mug, of course.


Ice on the windscreen

frost on the grass

I can see my breath

hanging in the air

autumn leaves falling

bright orange sun

its cold outside


milk in pan

porridge oats on top

bubbles on the cooker

just a little sugar

poured in my bowl

its cold outside

I’m warm as toast

winter is coming