New life

Newness is hiding, tight in a bud

Protected by a sheath so fine

Harsh winds blow

Frost is bitter

Rain falls heavily

Yet the bud is sheltered

It’s out of harm’s way.

Sun climbs high in the sky

Warming the earth

Its rays heat the air

Bud is stirring

Pushing hard, the sheath released

Slowly opening,

Releasing each petal

It triumphantly stands,

Swaying in the breeze

It bows its head

To the glorious sun

A new life has begun.

Make way for the new

hole in tree

Old Bark peeling

making way for the new

flapping in the wind

hanging on tight

flaking slowly

flying in the breeze

and a gap

to peep through

seeing the old changing

new life appearing

buds on trees

catkins dangling

taking a leaf

 spring as its poised

I need the same

shed the old

make way for the new