Ice Feather

ice feather

Delicate features
Soft shapes formed
Overlapping each other
Glistening in the sun
Fine are the lines
Faint in the white
Shimmering plumes
Intricate patterns
Mysteriously intriguing
Elaborate designs
On my car windscreen
Imperfect shapes
As the temperature drops
Growing graceful feathers
From these seed crystal stems.

Mackerel Sky, Storm is nigh

The clear blue skies that stretched forever have gone

feathery clouds are whisping across the sky,

its almost as if the sky is wearing curls today

A change is a foot in the weather


they spread into one another as far as I can see

their pale whiteness is so thin and transparent

its like a fog that the sun is trying to break through

is there rain on its way now?


They ripple across the sky all grainy

The striped patterns are like fish scales

All puffy and round getting darker

The mackerel sky, a storm is nigh