Dog in the rain

I can just see

under the brim

coat pulled up

I hunch into it

the rain pours

the bare trees struggle

to keep me dry

I stumble in the dark

the dog rushes

at great speed

he doesn’t mind the rain

I’d rather be

snuggged up in bed

dog would rather be

running in the rain

so my love for the dog

means we both

walk in the rain


A little spot of rain

Slate clouds fill the sky

Drops of rain fall steadily

Wind whips around the trees

thunder rumbles islowly


The storm arrives with vengence

Rain pours from the sky heavily

It pushes its way through the sealed window

The patio becomes a pond as the water rises


Lightening carves its way through the slate

The water collects with nowhere to go

A branch snaps as the wind takes hold

A clap of thunder startles me


Slate clouds turn to pale grety

Wind blows softly

Rain drops become little spots

The water is dying away.