You pull with all your might

I watch as you strain

your little body so intense

you are determined

you heave, you tug

you jerk, you stretch

stubbornly it sticks.

You release slightly

then twist as you heave.

It relaxes

you stumble backwards.

it’s free,  you want to celebrate

you run around the mole hill

others chasing for a share

you stop, stare at them

one swift gulp

it’s gone

now sparrow you are full

of worm.

Flat Tyre

I looked in dismay

Couldn’t believe my eyes

A flat on the car

Me in my heels

A sigh and a laugh

No help to be found

A spare in the boot

A jack underneath

And up went the car

Wheel was released

I heaved and pulled

And off shot the wheel

A quick swap was done

A new one to drive

And me in my black dress

And a pair of heels

Amazing what a

Girl can do!