Todays Napowrimo Prompt was to take a page in a book, block out some words and make a poem.

I have chosen ‘The last days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin, i am reading this right now.

I have written 2 very short poems.


Barely conscious

Heart beating


I’ve seen worse

Rabbit moaned

Hand to her cheek


Take care

Don’t worry

It’s safe


He pointed politely

Rabbit followed down hallway



Eyes pleaded

Not going to cry Rabbit

Be strong for you


Bunny Ears

Today my post is about my nieces latest problem. She is six.


The problem is what shall I wear

What goes with my bunny ears

Sofia says it should be purple or pink

Doesn’t she know my favourite colour is white


I wore my ears to school,

My teacher let me wear them all day

Sofia wanted to wear them, however they are mine

So I said maybe another day.


Mummy said I couldn’t wear them swimming

She thought they would get very wet.

Doesn’t she know that bunnies can swim

I think they would make me go faster,


I wore them in bed last night

They don’t stay on very well

They wriggled around and tickled my nose

I didn’t mind, they didn’t wake me up


I going to wear my white leggings

And my stripy jumper and socks

My favourite boot sand my pink coat

And my bunny ears with no hat.