This eccentric person 

Waiting to get out

Bizarre and curious

Sense of humour

Funny and offbeat

Quirky and mad

With random thoughts

Whimsical ideas

With my airhead ways

I’m ditzy and dopey

Do I fit in?

Am I a fish out of water?

Am I quaint or mad?

With my amusing tales

My bantering ways

Inquiring, inquisitive

Searching for a way

Sceptical of others

Or am I just plain old unique?

Five random lines for a poem

Today I used the shuffle on my phone to find 5 titles of songs to make a poem. This isnt something I would normally do. Either the poems or use the shuffle on my phone. This is todays ditty




On a night like this

There is a little bit of me

In fact absolutely me

I am in all your dreams

Far away