Unique Sunset

© Robert Tilbury 2015

© Robert Tilbury 2015

The evening’s crepuscular charm

With is whole setting sun

A brilliant pale yellow orb

Slowly lowering itself in the sky

Pouring out brilliant orange hues

Mixed with dark reds and browns

Filling the sky like molten lava

Painting the sky magnificently

Threads of light mingling with wispy clouds

Each layer, overlapping the brightness

Delicate and frail as they linger in the sky

Sitting patiently, waiting for the moment

For that one photo, that changes my world

Crisp air floats downwards, like a deflated balloon

The sky is captured, that moment in time

There will never be an identical sunset

Twilight has arrived



Hopping from tree to tree

each time a little closer

quietly gaining confidence

tentatively getting nearer

your bright red chest

your melodious song

Approaching the chair

you stand on one leg

head cocked to one side

paying attention to our words

without interruption

waiting, courageously

for encouragement

brightening my day

Red Flag Day

red flag

Eyes closed, the sounds at the beach

Waves roaring like lions

Crashing as they hit the pebbles

Wind whistling around my ears

Howling around the wind breakers

Seagull’s screeches muffled

Carried away by the wind

Squeals of children playing

Clang clang of the rope on the flagpole


Opening my eyes I see the waves

They hurtle towards the pebbles

Spray bounces into the sky

The clouds race across the blue sky

Sun disappearing behind the clouds

The flag flapping at the top of the flagpole

It’s a red flag day.

A Promise

Standing barefoot, her feet cold on the smooth rock,

Her hair flying in the blustery warm wind

Red skirt a fluttering around her bare knees

Sun warm on her head


Gazing down, the deep dark pool swirling around

She could see the crabs, playing on the bottom

Where was he? They were going to go crabbing

She felt so alone


Hearing a noise was that his voice in the wind

She looked up and there he was in the distance

He lifted her down off the rock, kissing her

He kept his promise

Poppy for a life

As I walked with the crowd

the end in sight

a river of red poppies


out before my eyes

silence deafened me

Stillness around me

I stood, looked watched

thoughts of families

from my past

fighting for king and country

gave their lives

for peace for all men

still the pain lives on

so now I join others

each with a memory

and each one with a poppy

keeps each person alive

may they never fade

and may we always remember

without those who died

we may not be here