Perfect end

Rushing around,

a hundred miles an hour

hardly time to breathe yet stop.

Phone ringing, emails pinging

people talking loudly.

So much to do, so little time

End of the day is close.

Home again, breathe again

relax kick of my shoes.

Long hot soak,

candles around the bath

bubbles up to my ears,

soft music playing

finally resting

Ice cream with a flake

movie on the screen

curled up with you

a perfect end.



Another year

Bluetits arrive

Cautiously looking

Dewy dawn

Elongated shadows

Flying around

Gingerly stopping

Home needed

Interested now

Just wait

Keyhole spied

Lodge ahead

Makes one’s home

Nesting here

Obviously wary

Putting down roots

Questioning dangers

Resting quietly

Snuggling in

Trusting nature

Unheated house

Vent is a hole

Where are the babies

Yes inside

Zoetic new life.