A Hundred books

Hundreds of books

Sit on the shelf

Which do I choose?

Which jumps out?

Words on the page

Threaded together

Weave a story

Keep me engaged

Lure me away

From reality

Lost in the words

A tapestry woven

Thrills and spills

With twists and turns

Love and romance

Lost in a world

Of words entwined

The last page read

Bereft that its over

Still plenty more books

On the shelf to choose

To get lost once again

Away from the world

And into a new dream

Orange Moon

With a sky full of stars and an Orange Moon,
The night was sky was filled with romance
For the middle of may it wasn’t the harvest moon
It was ours, just for that moment in time
In the cold clear sky, you wrapped your arms around me
We could almost touch the moon
And just for a moment we made our wishes