The words we cannot say


Water laps at the shore
Wind is just a gentle puff
Sun slow Rises in the sky
I climb the rock
Crouching, looking, feeling
Barnacles cling under my feet
Waster crashes against the rock
Spraying me with a hundred kisses
Wind blows and tangles my hair
Telling me it’s secrets
Sun shines on my face
Covering me with smiles
You are not here, yet you are close
I feel you in my thoughts, my ears, my lips
There are still things unspoken
Things are so hard to say
I can shout it to the crashing waves
I can whisper to the blowing wind
I can smile the words to the sun
Yet if you were here I’d hold your hand
Hold you close and smile
Those words my darling you know
We both find them so hard to say
One day my love one day.

Wrapped beliefs

Crisp brown paper

Tied with string

Beautifully wrapped

Sitting, waiting

Inside a surprise

A secret waits.

Pulling the string,

It falls to the side

Delicately unwrapping

The paper to reveal

A box, closed tightly

With a clasp on the side

Opening slowly

Contents exposed

Full of beliefs

Empty to some

Each unique

In that we trust

Wrapped beliefs

We make our own.

Secrets kept close

You are my comfort, my warmness, my home

You are a century old, and wise as an owl

Your dark wood holds a life time of secrets

I tell  you mine, you keep them close

The stories you could tell lie in your grains

You never reveal them, they are mine to share

what about yours, is it young or old.

Young  for a new life, with stories to gather

or old, battered and bruised but loved dearly

Mine is solitude, relief, the best listener there is

Keep my secrets well, and per chance

If Someone is in need of a story,

You are happy for me to tell them yours.


Chimney of secrets

The red bricks are place on the foundation of the fireplace
The build ever upwards around the smoke chamber
As it grows every higher it narrows reaching towards the sky
The beauty in the design as it takes shape on the roof top

Hexagonal, delicately placed to reach the sky
Your twin pillared stack is joined at the crown with a pot
You twist and turn in a star design as you reach the top
Your octagonal body reaches ever upwards

You lift the swirling smoke gently leading the way
What secrets do you hold as they float upwards?
The burnt letter from a lover, a photo from the past
A secret spoken you encase and in your warmness

The embers smolder in your hearth, lie unspoken
You are silent you do not reveal the words that float upwards
As you cool down, the evening has come to an end
Tomorrow there will be new things to hide