So todays Napwrimo challenge was famous calligrams written by Guillaume Apollinaire. And a word to the wise — the best way to cope with today’s exercise may well be to abandon your keyboard, and sit down with paper and pen.

.So here is a photo of mine, and the typed version after.




Curled inside your shell, morning sun awakens you.

Slowly creeping out, feeling the air.

Stretching out fully, house on your back.

Oozing up the front door, leaving a slimy trail behind you.

Stopping at the letter box. ‘Oh little snail, this is my house,

you have yours on your back, where ever you go,

thank you for stopping by, it was lovely to see you.’

and the little snail, turned around and slithered back down again.

I just love these words

Inside this Lazarus jewel box

Lies the key to my heart

The box lid is tight as a snout otter clam

To open it there is a secret key

Under the Peruvian hat lies a strawberry top

Which sits on top of a shoulderblade sea cat

Inside the woody canoebubble

There is a Ghastly Miter

Here is the key to the jewel box

Inside you need to make a choice

IS it Tricolor Niso or Triangular Nutmeg

If you can work it out, my heart will be open.