Today’s Napowrimo poem is about money. So here is my money


There was sixpence in my hand

A shiny round sixpence

It was all mine, for me to spend

If I put it with the other sixpences

I was rich, i could buy things

Just for me, little me.

The silver sparkled, it look huge

I was a child, when my Nan placed it there

What could I buy, sweets, a toy

Something exciting I was rich


Now i look at sixpence

What is it worth now?

Two and half pence

What will that buy?

Two and half pence,

That’s not so pretty

Not so shiny

Not so small

I will remember my sixpence more

It was worth more then

To me

It was worth all its weight

Its memory

I was as rich as rich could be.

Joined the Matrix

I’ve gone and done it,

I can’t believe it,

Have I become a sheep?

I’ve joined the Matrix


I bought an iphone,

joined the apple club

part of the Mac union

I’m now in the Matrix


Its white and shiny

Still in its box

I’m not quite sure what to do

I am sure someone will help me


I’m not really a sheep,

I’m not really in the club

I am part of the group

I know I’m in the Matrix