A love dying

Grey is the sky

hard is the day

my thoughts lie with you

in this mixed moment

you should be smiling

your wedding day

yet this is the last act

no more cherished moments

no long life together

but the memories built

they stay in the heart

a moment of joy

a lingering kiss

a love may lie dying

so may today

carry you through.






Crossroads in my life

Crossroads in my life






change is needed

nothing will change

unless I do it myself


Can’ts stay where I am

or the cloud on my shoulder

will become a heavy burden

and drag me down


So which way do I go

so hard to decided

Plan B, C and D are needed

and a positive state of mind


I want to be happy

smiling and bright

Forfilled and excitied

I will draw a plan

Contrasting Day

The bright blue skies have turned into light grey

The blazing sun is now hiding away

The blistering heat is now a cool gentle breeze

Cracks in the dry ground are huge muddy puddles

Stifling humid air has turned fresh and light

There is a newness to the grass covered in rain

I don’t mind the contrast it makes a nice change

Regardless of weather I’m still smiling

each day brings adventures all fresh and new