So todays Napwrimo challenge was famous calligrams written by Guillaume Apollinaire. And a word to the wise — the best way to cope with today’s exercise may well be to abandon your keyboard, and sit down with paper and pen.

.So here is a photo of mine, and the typed version after.




Curled inside your shell, morning sun awakens you.

Slowly creeping out, feeling the air.

Stretching out fully, house on your back.

Oozing up the front door, leaving a slimy trail behind you.

Stopping at the letter box. ‘Oh little snail, this is my house,

you have yours on your back, where ever you go,

thank you for stopping by, it was lovely to see you.’

and the little snail, turned around and slithered back down again.

Conversations of the climbing Snails

‘Is this a race’ said one to another

‘I don’t think it is, we’ve been at it all night’.

‘Can you not wait for me to catch up?’

‘You’ve got to be joking, this leaf is too small.’


Two snails continued their dangerous climb

as they slowly slithered along the small leaves,

high on the bush the wobbled around

their top heavy shells, all most pulling them down.


‘Where are we going?’ one asked the other

“To the top of course.’ was his reply

“What’s up there?’ asked the second snail

“I’ve no idea, but its important we reach the top.’


“Why” asked the second snail, who was struggling now

“So we can go down the other side.’

The second snail was confused right now

He’d spent all night moving from leaf to leaf


The climb had been hard he’d fallen twice

for no particular reason it seemed.

‘I don’t think I’ll bother’ said the second snail

‘Hey don’t give up.” the first replied.


“Imagine the achievement of reaching the top.’

“I have, and to think I could have slept all night.’

They reached the summit, admired the view

Then spent the morning going back down again.