Spring day

Dark clouds race across the sky

Driving rain falls like curtains of lace

Wind blows in gusts bending still life

A shard of bright light breaks through

Delicate leaves ripped from branches

White shapes fall in swirls

Dancing, fluttering in blasts of air

Cherry blossom falls like flurries of snow

Another spring day is here

We got away with it

We got away with it
My thoughts are on the weather
The winter snow just flurries
The winter rain very light
The winter wind light and breezy
The sun has been bright
Warm on my face
It’s almost spring
I walk with such excitement.
Then I look outside,
Only to see hard snow falling
Blizzard like, drifting down
It huge fluffy snow flakes
Fast, furiously, covering the ground
So we didn’t quite get away with it.

Thank you

Your kindness and feelings are important to me
Like the wind that carries the seeds to their new resting place
Like the sun that warms the earth and makes us smile
Like the rain the flows steadily to hydrate us
Like the ice that freezes the ground to slow life down
Like the snow that falls and creates beauty
Like the ebb and flow of a river ever changing
Your encouragement refreshes me
Your kindness enlightens me
Your passion inspires me
I thank you for entering my life.