Summer weather

Storm clouds gather, darkening the sky

Water streams from them with hail

Thunder rolls and crashes around me

The sky is light with sheets of lightening.

Wind blows them away quickly

The sky becomes a brilliant blue

The leaves on the trees so fresh and green

Sun’s rays, quickly warms the air

Summers weather unpredictable

Soaking up the sun, heat on our skin

Smiles on our faces, happiness in our hearts

Soaking up the sun

fierce heat beats down on the basking Lizard

he lies still soaking up each ray

Sleeping, warming his body for the day

Tongue flickering in and out tasting the air

Always alert, aware of whats happening

quickly darting in a wiggling movement

into the shaded cracks in the wall

until its safe to come out again,

stretching its brown scaly body

to have forty winks and soak up the sun.