Hello and Welcome to the Javabean cafe

Hello and welcome to the Javabean Café
Step inside, have a beer or a glass of red
Maybe sip something hot, with the steamy jazz
Take a seat, relax and listen to the music
123 223 feel the beat moving in your feet
As it rises up, the music takes speed
Close your eyes? Can you feel the rhythm?
Are you swaying from side to side?
These semi quaver are not so fast
Take your turn, improvise, your solo
This jazz bluesy piece has a funky back beat,
The rhythm is faster, tap your toes wildly
The sax plays short sharp notes as they blend
You can lose yourself in the music
You can be anywhere, a little café in Paris
A taverna in Greece on a summers evening

Get lost in the music feel the rhythm live the beat
It makes you feel alive and kicking
And if I close my eyes just for a moment
I’m living life rather than life living me
It sounds as if as if everyone is talking at once
Then slowly they start to sink into harmony,
Close your eyes it’s a camel in the desert
A snake being charmed, exotic dancers
The music slowly dies away, it is the calm after the storm
The wine has been drunk, the bottles are empty
The music stops, everyone has gone until the next time
When the music will whisk you away to pastures new