Finding a way

Patience, I wait for your call

Your text, your rant

I draw breath and smile

The words flow gently

Regardless of your anger


Kindness, I give this willingly to you

Despite the fact you hate

They are just words

The kinder I am to you

The less hatred you show.


Silence, time for you to speak

I will listen, hear and understand

Your words are important to me

The more you speak, the quieter I am

The calmer you become


Love, I give to you in abundance

Through smiles, kind words and patience

You don’t see the love yet,

You take it all from me

In time you will return it


You are difficult to me, to yourself

Your anger is portrayed in speech and actions

In time, it dissipates,

In time you hear me again

In time you will find your way

It’s good to talk

We text, we email

Message electronically

In our heads we speak

We share our day

We message at night

We want 24/7 communication

When there is none

We stop

We worry, panic

Pick up the phone and speak

We chat and love

we forget

its good to talk

The better friend

I see you rarely

we text sometimes

we speak every now and then

yet I hold you close in my mind


I see you sometimes

We speak once a week

you make me laugh

you are dear to me


I speak to you every day

we text like a conversation

We see each other as much as we can

I roar with laughter with you

you are always in my thoughts

I want to share so much with you


We are all the better friend



Beep Beep

the negative words fly around me

Beep Beep

The negative words try to penetrate me

Beep Beep

Words spoken with venom

I deflect the negativity

Beep Beep

Your negative words become quieter

Beep Beep

I have learned one thing

With every negative word

the beep beep enters my head

it diffuses it

I don’t absorb your words

I am light

I do not hold on to negativity