Bridges unite


Stretching from here to there

Open to the elements

No walls to hold you in

It unites us


Strength and structure

Carrying such weights

Crossing obstacles

Resisting movement


Over the smallest river

And the widest valley

your sweeping view

and rolling horizon


Life flows below you,

Connecting our conscious life

without you, no bond to each other

with you, the Friendship is endless

I can’t see the wind

The curtains sway in the light breeze

It brushes against my face like a hundred butterfly kisses

It’s gentleness can hardly be seen or heard

Dark skies are building there is change to come


The curtains dance almost out of control

The wind has blown in from the east

I can hear it roaring around the trees

It’s strength builds and gains momentum


I can see the devastation that it has caused

The leaves stripped from their branches

The branches ripped from their trunks

It’s wildness bending trees to the ground


I can feel its harshness against my skin

It’s makes my eyes stream with water

It takes my breath away as rushes at my face

It’s almost pushes me off my feet


I can’t see the wind just what its doing

It will blow out as quickly as it blew in

It’s invigorating, wildly tussling my hair

It makes me feel wonderful to be alive