Look up not down


Down on the floor

I see my feet

The muddy path

The untidy carpet

I see my troubles

They are stuck there

They can’t move

I feel gloomy


Look up at the sky

I see fast moving clouds

Sun peaking through

Bright leaves on the trees

Unusual rooftops

Swirling smoke from chimneys

Birds merrily chirping

My difficulties are subsiding

I feel happy and bright

I look up not down

The Hanged Man

Today’s Napowrimo prompt was to pick a card and write a poem. So I shuffled my Tarot cards and drew

The Hanged Man.

the hanged man

This tarot card I have chosen

You hang upside down

You hang from one leg

How tiring it must be


Unable to help yourself

Stuck, waiting, dangling in time

Will the problem ever pass

The one you have no energy for


You meditate, eyes staring, suspended

Discovering the resolution

Patience, wisdom and optimism

You are free once again.

Glorious Mud

The path has disappeared

under a deep mud

I start by dodging it

walking around it

there are no dry patches now

my boot enters the mud

it sinks deeply

squelches oozing

covering my boot

I feel my boot slide underfoot

its harder to raise my foot

the stickiness clings to me

I smile

it reminds me of being a child

seeing how far up my boot it will go

being almost stuck

what glorious mud


You’re wearing jam

its funny sometimes how things don’t go quite right

you wake up in the morning and you know straight away

its going to be one of THOSE days.

When Monday arrived it was exactly like that


The flights were all cancelled not just delayed

The french air traffic strike was going to drive me nuts

it looked from the start on my few days off

I was going to be stuck stuck stuck


Then a trip to the tip, the bags all split,

I love a good root around looking for gold

I bought four pictures a pound a piece

Bargain I thought, great on my wall


Then looking on ebay, my pictures were there

A tenner a pop, the days finally looking up

Then another good thing was the wine that i bought

was only half price, what a result


cheap wine, pictures, the air strike has lifted, I’m flying away

My friend laughed and said ‘you’re wearing jam’

Its a jammy sort of day  my glass is half full, thank you my friend

for making me smile, the day was great to the end