Worth getting up for

This is the sort of morning that

The dew sparkles on the grass

The sun shines through the trees

Casing elongated shadows

Adorning the deep leaf carpet

The nip in the air tingles on the lips

Spider’s webs wait, hang between trees

Holding diamond droplets of dew

Waiting to stick to my face

Water bubbles and trickles

Gently meandering downstream

Birds gentling singing

In the canopy above

I stand in the warm sun

And close my eyes

It could almost be summer

Then the nip of the air

Tingles on my lips

And I remember autumn has arrived

And this is a day

Worth getting up for.

Summer Weather

Wind blew battering the trees

Furious and fast

Stirring up the leaves

Howling a gale


Rain fell swirling with the wind

Hard and wild

Drenching the ground

Falling sideways


Sky was grey as slate

Clouds moving quickly

Letting go of their rain

Darkening the day


I wanted the sun

Just a glimmer of hope

A small rainbow to be seen

No such chance


The rain persistently falling

Grizzly weather

Felt like autumn

In the middle of Summer

Autumnal August

Fierce hot sun is now a warm glow

Brilliant blue skies turns into baby blue

Harsh hard light, is now soft to the face

Warm summer air, now has a nip to its touch


Cobnuts are heavy, pulling branches down

Hundreds of Blackberries all pumped up and lush

A glut of Rose hips adorn the bushes

There is a feast ahead for us all.


Summer feels as its coming to an end

August great heat has disappeared

Autumn has come early, or at least that’s how it feels

The seasons are moving, away from the norm



The Kappa

From out of the water the kappa arose
His scaly blue skin from his head to his toes
His webbed hands and feet are as small as a child’s
His eyes rolled around looking fierce and wild

A plate on his head and a beak for a mouth
Dripping with water as he looked to the south
His flat hairless plate on the top of his head
Is where his power lays which stops children dead.

He’s a trickster, beware of his mischievous streak
He’s likes to play pranks and make ladies shriek
From innocent pranks to his malevolent side
He’s a water monster, he has no pride

He’s not to be trusted, not even an inch
Watch your loved ones which he likely to pinch
He’ll pillage and rape, he doesn’t care
Whatever you think he doesn’t do fair


Be friends with the Kappa and he will help you
Bringing occasional gifts right out of the blue
If you’re clever enough to dupe for some aid
The kappa won’t break an oath that he’s made

A Japanese myth, a legendary creature
In spring and summer in water he’ll feature
The cold arrives the mountains he knows
He’s Yama-no-Kami, that’s where he goes

Beware my friend of the Kappa beware
Regardless of myth, he isn’t that rare
Keep on your guard, both night and day
And the kappa will surely be kept at bay.