Feet don’t touch the ground

Alarm wakes me at 5

Doves coos are deafening

Sun ray yet to warm

Dew soaks the grass

Time is of the essence

Walking dog in the woods

No time for delay

Don’t disappear, not today

Kettle boils slowly,

Or is it me in a rush?

Car to the garage

Wait, time ticks again

Then hurry to work

No time for lunch

No time to stop, to breath

To think

Then work finishes

Time for a drink

Too tired, too rushed

Time to sleep

Feet don’t touch the ground

Tomorrow will be slower

And time will wait.


Todays Napowrimo Prompt was to take a page in a book, block out some words and make a poem.

I have chosen ‘The last days of Rabbit Hayes’ by Anna McPartlin, i am reading this right now.

I have written 2 very short poems.


Barely conscious

Heart beating


I’ve seen worse

Rabbit moaned

Hand to her cheek


Take care

Don’t worry

It’s safe


He pointed politely

Rabbit followed down hallway



Eyes pleaded

Not going to cry Rabbit

Be strong for you


Read your words.

Today’s poem is a little more challenging, the prompt from napowrimo today was use social media quotes from friends and followers.  So I have


A story a day challenge

Bubble trouble

Nothing beats some free time to relax

Unexpected Twists,

visually rich writing style, The Devil Came looking.

I’m back in the game,

a little follow up to the sea moving poem

I put my soul into superhighway,

I believe the whole world will read it

What is the secret of happiness?

Discuss. It can’t be that difficult


The tendency not to start anything.

Until you’ve had a cup of coffee.

You can just come into someone’s life

and make them feel special

Today is the day that will never come again

So make it a good one.

Just once, Just today

I want to stay where its warm and safe

Under the duvet

in my own home

Just once, just today

I want to smile a real smile

not a false one

which hides how I feel

I want to go to work

without the moaning and whinging

If I offer my help

I don’t want it ignored

Just once I want you to

accept the help, stop your moaning

and be happy

Just once, just today lets really smile

After all , we are at work all day

Change is acomming

Eerie silence fills the air

the day has come for change

My choice, my change

The last day day has come


My comfort blanket of a job has stopped

whipped away, my choice

This is the end of an era

Jobs last day has come


There is an ache inside for what I know

a sadness for leaving it behind

apprehension for what comes next

I know that this will pass


I cant expect different if things stay the same

There is always a choice, which I grab

Today is the end of my comfortable job

On Monday a new chapter starts.