The power of words

From elegance of a poem, coming out of my comfort zone for a short story or to the greatness of a novel. I share my love of writing on this blog.

I am mine

You are mine, the wind whispered through the trees,

The sun danced on the grave stones focusing my eyes,

It darted from side to side; I felt a shiver down my spine, despite the day’s warmth.


You are mine; the seagulls screeched their song from the sky,

As I stood there wandering what to do now,

You are mine, the church bells chimed and sang their song, it echoed in my ears.


I wanted to run, to be free to be alone, not joined to anyone.

I moved hesitantly towards the new grave, you are mine the flowers whispered to me.

I knelt down and held my head in my hands and stared.


NO I shouted, I’m not yours, I shook as my voice was found.

You are gone and in the ground, for you can’t control, we are none for I am mine

 I am mine alone you see, my dear sweet twin, finally I belong to me.