Day 15  Napowrimo


Words spoken in silent tongue
Only One understands
In complete harmony
Identical movements
Feeling each other’s pain
Like two peas in a pod
Double trouble
There are two of us
We are as one

Two chips honest

It was an ordinary day

I was being good

Scrambled egg for breakfast

and a salad for my lunch

A fatal thing happened

He went and ruined it all

He wafted chips under my nose

funny how you can go off people

did he share you asked

he was trying to force me

did I resist wildly

absolutely I did

did they taste amazing

they might well have done

I only had a little taste

Two chips honest

just a little sin

As one

Today’s napowrimo prompt is a love poem without cliches or the word love. So here goes

The soft sweetness of the air surrounds your embrace

I feel it swirl around me as you hold me close,

I have waited for a lifetime for your gentle touch

As you tumble towards me through my darkness

I wait for that enchanted moment

When two eyes align

Two noses touch

Two lips are sealed together

And when morning wakes

With one tender kiss

I know you are still with me

A darkness surrounds us

And we are as one

Two knees

Two knees looked up to the sky
It’s hot out here left said to right
I know said right I’m rather hot
I’m burning said left with a moan

Two knees looked up to the sky
There’s a bit of a breeze right said
I know said left I wish it would cool me
Me too, said right, it’s all too much.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I’ve had enough left said to right
Do you think we have to stay much longer?
I hope not said right, who knows what he thinks.

Two knees looked up to the sky
I want to get up and move right said
It’s going to be sore left said to right
When will he realize it’s time to go

The knees started to move,
No more looking up to the sky
Hoorah, left said to right I’m pleased
You know we have to do this tomorrow.

The knees were moving forward
What do you mean tomorrow said right
Well we are on this thing called holiday
The man lies down and looks up to the sky

You mean we have to look at the sky again
Right said to left with a quiver
Yes said left, we certainly do
It’s not a holiday its torture in the sun