A love dying

Grey is the sky

hard is the day

my thoughts lie with you

in this mixed moment

you should be smiling

your wedding day

yet this is the last act

no more cherished moments

no long life together

but the memories built

they stay in the heart

a moment of joy

a lingering kiss

a love may lie dying

so may today

carry you through.






Llamas in bow ties

Bunting swaying gently in the breeze

Wild flowers nestle in old fashioned jugs

Sweet gentle music fills the air

The sun shines down making everyone smile


People slowly gather, laughing and smiling

Bright coloured hats, matching shoes and bags

Men in smart suits, with pale blue cravats

As they take their seats ready to start


The music plays joyfully, heads are turned

The bride makes her way down the aisle

She glows brighter than any sun, she smiles at her groom

The smile on his face stretches from ear to ear


Silence fills the room, loves fills the air

Through the window there is an added delight

Llamas in bow ties, look into the room

Everyone smiles as they steal the show


Their eyes roll and stare as vows are exchanged

Their ear twitch it time to the music being played

They nod their heads as the announcement is made

Spotty bow tie Llamas they stole the show


Honey Moon

Golden light shines from the sky

Honey Moon lights up the night

Just once ever hundred years does it shine

As a sign of whats to come

Maybe it sends shivers down your spine

or perhaps a fruitful summer

It sits low in the sky just above the horizon

The bees are in abundance

their hives steeped in honey

and for the summer solstice

the mead is drunk at many a wedding

And the honeymoon shines again