List of Lists

I am a list writer

for almost everything

List for the shopping,

which I will leave behind


A long list in the lounge

of all the jobs in pending

some will have a tick by friday

The chances are it will be longer


There is a list in the shed

of the garden jobs a waiting

there’s one for the car

Its so untidy in there


Lists on a Monday, grows on a tuesday

it carries on for Wednesday and thursday

By Friday and the weekend, there are lists of lists

So on Monday I start the list again


This weekend i need to complete them

Why you ask ? the answers simple

To clear the head, the mess the muddle

Tidy house, makes a tidy mind.

The question poem

Have you heard that croak in my throat?

Do you know what it is?

Can you make it go away?

Did you know the more I talk the worse it is?

Is this a frog in my throat that is croaking?

Do you know it is a frog?

Can you see if you look?

There isn’t a frog is there?

Can you see anything else?

You cant can you?

If it isn’t a frog what is it?

Can you see the croak?

Can you hear the croak?

When will it go away?

You don’t have a clue do you?

Do I have to wait for it to go away?

I shall be mighty glad when that frog and his croak have gone.