Icy winds blow forcefully

Rain drives drenching me

Cold to the bone

Searching for warmth

This summer it is not

More like winter in June

Much needed comfort

To bring a smile again

Kokumi created

In a hearty stew

No salad today

Just warm, heartiness

Delicious mouthfullness

Of winter, in June

We got away with it

We got away with it
My thoughts are on the weather
The winter snow just flurries
The winter rain very light
The winter wind light and breezy
The sun has been bright
Warm on my face
It’s almost spring
I walk with such excitement.
Then I look outside,
Only to see hard snow falling
Blizzard like, drifting down
It huge fluffy snow flakes
Fast, furiously, covering the ground
So we didn’t quite get away with it.

The Kappa

From out of the water the kappa arose
His scaly blue skin from his head to his toes
His webbed hands and feet are as small as a child’s
His eyes rolled around looking fierce and wild

A plate on his head and a beak for a mouth
Dripping with water as he looked to the south
His flat hairless plate on the top of his head
Is where his power lays which stops children dead.

He’s a trickster, beware of his mischievous streak
He’s likes to play pranks and make ladies shriek
From innocent pranks to his malevolent side
He’s a water monster, he has no pride

He’s not to be trusted, not even an inch
Watch your loved ones which he likely to pinch
He’ll pillage and rape, he doesn’t care
Whatever you think he doesn’t do fair


Be friends with the Kappa and he will help you
Bringing occasional gifts right out of the blue
If you’re clever enough to dupe for some aid
The kappa won’t break an oath that he’s made

A Japanese myth, a legendary creature
In spring and summer in water he’ll feature
The cold arrives the mountains he knows
He’s Yama-no-Kami, that’s where he goes

Beware my friend of the Kappa beware
Regardless of myth, he isn’t that rare
Keep on your guard, both night and day
And the kappa will surely be kept at bay.