I smiled today as I sat in a queue of traffic going to work. A small child was not budging an inch. He was determined that he wasn’t moving until he got what he wanted. I thought how easily we often give in, for peace or for ease. Then I realised, we negotiate, however he hadn’t worked that out yet.

He stood,

Feet firmly planted on the ground

no movement

glued to the pavement

arms folded,

tightly across his chest.

mouth down

frown upon his face


eyes closed

his mother called

eyes opened

his mother shouted

foot stamped hard

his mother turned away.

moved slowly

He waited,

he watched

as the gap grew

his arms fell

his face changed

he ran with all his might


small hand

slipped into big hand

happy again.


Auto pilot at the start of the day

eggs scrambled, fresh coffee

work through the day

smile on my face

watching the clock

routinely played

the hamster wheel

we ride each day

Time for a change

ditch the day job

and follow our dream

Dispair to a smile

Bleak is the moment

Ice is the air

Frosty with colleagues

Too much to bear

Comfort zone pulled

From under our feet

Jobs are now missing and obsolete

Tired are our heads

Weary our trust

Comfy at the top

No worries of loss

Ground down are the workers

No steam left

Where does it leave u?

Without much choice

Unless we claim back

The years we may loose

If we don’t see the light

Don’t take a chance

Stop being used, down trodden and glum

NO more despair, hope fills the air

Time for a change, smile for the new

Christmas Do!

Sausage rolls and quiche Lorraine

dips with carrot and celery sticks

olives stuffed with great delights

kebabs on skewers

crisps in bowls

chocolate cake with smarties on

After eights waiting til late

warm white wine from a box

polite conversation

Christmas music

The clock ticks slowly

the time drifts on

Its 8pm I can go home

Yet another Work Christmas DO!



Just once, Just today

I want to stay where its warm and safe

Under the duvet

in my own home

Just once, just today

I want to smile a real smile

not a false one

which hides how I feel

I want to go to work

without the moaning and whinging

If I offer my help

I don’t want it ignored

Just once I want you to

accept the help, stop your moaning

and be happy

Just once, just today lets really smile

After all , we are at work all day

Mess and Mayhem

A Loud whistling noise shatters the silence

The waft of cooking bacon rises up the stairs

The dog paces backwards and forwards

There is a clattering downstairs

The microwave hums and pings

There is a clatter in the knife drawer

The cupboards squeak and bang

Its very early for all this noise

Its just another monday morning

My son is making Mess and Mayhem in the kitchen

It must be the hamster wheel of work

Calling us to start yet another busy week.