Time to live

The last few weeks have been a real challenge.  Its been hard to keep positive, keep the smile glued to my face, write nice happy postivie blogs and not dwell on the worries that have almost consumed me. Today I got the 2 words I needed to hear more than I LOVE YOU. they are the words that mean a million dollars to me, that will make me live my life. These 2 little words are ALL CLEAR. I am thankful and breath a sigh of relief.

Time ticked slowly

hours blurred together

days an eternity

sun was dull

sky milky blue

colours drained.

Time crawled along

outward smile fading

inside pain of worry

thoughts glued together

seperation impossible

my life drained.

Time stopped

just for a moment

news delivered

I held my breath

All Clear

lifted my mood

smile restored

colours are bright

Time to live.

Do more, do less

Do more of the things I love

Run with the wind

meet my friends

laugh and dance

write madly

read more books

have fun, sleep more


Do less of other things

watch less tv

worry and frown

feel tired

use the car





Late night shopping

The late shopping trip

almost to awful to bare

the shelves almost empty

people wandering around

with empty trolleys

aimlessly wondering

what shall I put in here?

so they fill them up

with useless things

and worry about

what to serve Christmas day

I really don’t get it

I don’t understand

All of this worry

All of this food

just for one day.

When the  shops will be closed

and the assistants stay at home

cause they have a life too.

I’m taking it easy

what I haven’t got now

I’ll do without





It’s 4 am again

no moonlight

stagnant warm air

dark as the ace of spaces

foxes screaching

owls hooting

the clock ticks loudly

my heart thunders in my head

my mind wanders

everything seems deafining

every worry is enormous

every ache is intensified.

I am so tired

I just want sleep

will I ever drift off

or will I have to meditate

4 am is not a good time

to be awake