Mothers love, kindness, curiosity, pride or madness

An adventure, a journey and epic tale

One that required strength and miles

A car, motorway, miles stretching ahead

Why? Mothers love of course, nothing less


For four hours, the car kept a steady speed

Hundreds of miles passed under the wheels

Light was fading as day turned to night

Why? Mothers kindness of course, nothing less


Darkened room filled with loud noises

There on the stage, a band waiting to play

The music erupted, deafening sounds,

Why? Mothers curiosity of course, nothing less


Fast energetic movements, in time to the sounds

Electric vibes from the watchers filled the room

Vibrant, enthusiastic, excited crowd.

Why? Mothers pride of course, nothing less


Dark night, miles of road stretched ahead

Two sleepy band members, reliving the gig

Four hours home, the car did its job

Why? Mothers madness of course, nothing else


That pesky mouse

Darkened room, still and silent

Scrabbling and rustling fills the air

I stir,  wondering what it is

I remember, that pesky mouse


Pop, pop, pop goes the bubble wrap

Rustle, crackle crunch

My quiet night is no longer

It’s that pesky mouse


The noises echo in the empty room

I can bare it no longer

I bang the floor with my hand

That pesky mouse scuttles away


Bang, bounce, roll , yet another noise

What is it this time I wonder?

That pesky mouse has found another new toy

Its a conker rolling on the floorboards


I’m going to be deprived of sleep again

I get up and shut the bedroom door

There are still muffled noises of the conker rolling

That pesky mouse has to go.




Llamas in bow ties

Bunting swaying gently in the breeze

Wild flowers nestle in old fashioned jugs

Sweet gentle music fills the air

The sun shines down making everyone smile


People slowly gather, laughing and smiling

Bright coloured hats, matching shoes and bags

Men in smart suits, with pale blue cravats

As they take their seats ready to start


The music plays joyfully, heads are turned

The bride makes her way down the aisle

She glows brighter than any sun, she smiles at her groom

The smile on his face stretches from ear to ear


Silence fills the room, loves fills the air

Through the window there is an added delight

Llamas in bow ties, look into the room

Everyone smiles as they steal the show


Their eyes roll and stare as vows are exchanged

Their ear twitch it time to the music being played

They nod their heads as the announcement is made

Spotty bow tie Llamas they stole the show


Schools out for summer

There is an eerie silence this morning

peace is all around

the cool air greets me

only the birds are singing


no cars roaring their engines

no shouts and screams at the kids

no dogs barking madly

just stillness and peace


There are long hot sunny days ahead

parents are gearing themselves

for excitement from kids at home

its the start of the school holidays


I’m enjoying the peace of the morning

no cars filling the roads

let the six weeks stretch out for a long time

I’m not sure the parents will agree.




The River of Life

The stream gently trickles along

This babbling brook, singing merrily

It’s water continually changing and moving

Like the river, we are always doing things for the first time


Twisting, turning, gaining momentum

It bends and twists, deepening and widening

With uncertainty, like life, this cannot stagnate

not knowing the depth or the speed, we take a chance


Gushing the river flows faster, it crashes on rocks

Swirling and changing direction

In life you can’t push against the water,

Flow Freely yourself, just as the river does


Like life, things change change

A dam diverts it, takes it on a new path

We can do the same if we take a chance

Following a new branch if we choose


The river does not live in the past

Nor does it live in the future

It lives in the present, in this moment only

Living once, then it meanders away


The trickling waters slows right down

Taking time to gently wander

Take a step back for a moment, look at your life

Take a chance, before it meanders away.

I’m a black Labrador

Oh NO, don’ do that, your chin is so soggy

I really don’t like you jumping at me at all

Don’t you realize who I am

I am a black labrador


Oh NO don’t do that, your paws are muddy

I really do not like mud

I have breeding you know,

I am a black labrador


Oh No I’m not running after your stick

You’ve covered it with your slobber

I’m not keen on you sharing mine either

I am a black labrador


Oh NO I’m not going to chase you at all

I am not going to do that running thing

I like to plod and meander along

I am a black labrador


So who are you, remind me again

Oh you are a Labrador too

Do you have pedigree  like me?

you do, Ok I’ll play with you.




I’m not hot I’m cool

The heat is amazing, no sun, no breeze

Dark skies, humidity, we struggle

We need to think cool thoughts

Ice in a gin and tonic

Cool lake to swim in

Snow capped mountains

Icy water running from glaciers

I think cool thoughts

I turn the fan on full

It whips my hair into a tangled mess

No worries, bare feet on the flagstones outside

Ice cold Gin and Tonic in my hand

Rain is released from the dark black clouds

Soaking me from head to toe

I feel like a child being sprayed with water

I laugh and giggle as I dance in the rain

It feels so good to feel alive.